Podcast: How to Become a Pro Fly-Fishing Photographer, with Brian Grossenbacher

[Interview starts at 42:45]

My guest this week is Brian Grossenbacher, one of the finest fly-fishing photographers in the world.  You’ve seen his work on the cover of many magazines and in Orvis catalogs. (Brian and I recently collaborated on a book entitled, simply, Trout, with his images and my essays. ) Learn how Brian’s career changed from being a full-time fishing guide to a professional photographer and glean some tips on how to go pro yourself—or at least improve the quality of your own images. Along the way, Brian tells a couple stories that had me in tears of laughter as I was recording this.

In the Fly Box, we have some interesting questions and great tips from listeners, including:

  • What impact does bug spray have on fish and the tackle we use?
  • My Elk Hair Caddis dry flies land on their sides.  How can I prevent this?
  • Should I grease my leader when fishing with a dry-dropper rig in fast water?
  • I want to try carp fishing.  Should I put my money into a better reel or a better rod?
  • A tip from a listener on how to keep materials out of the eye of a fly you just tied, and how to keep your hands warm in cold weather.
  • A tip from a listener on how he greatly improved his casting with all rods when he went from a 4-weight rod to a 9-weight rod.
  • What would you do if faced with three days of 25 mph winds and dirty water when on a saltwater trip?
  • Does cold weather make fly rods brittle?
  • I came up with a killer fly pattern that is unlike anything out there.  Should I share the pattern on social media?
  • I am having trouble with carp.  What fly patterns do you recommend, and how can I tell when they take the fly?
  • What tips do you have for making those quick deliveries when sight fishing in salt water?

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