Podcast: How to Catch Michigan Steelhead, with Frank Willets

This week, I interview Frank Willets of Pere Marquette River Lodge about Michigan steelhead fishing. Frank grew up fishing in Michigan and knows the ins and outs of Great Lakes steelheading intimately. I know you’ll pick up some tips, and this one is sure to be controversial because on the PM they use the “chuck & duck” method quite often and make no bones about it. (They also swing flies in the traditional manner.)

We’ll also answer questions on why you seldom see hatches, how to play steelhead, pre-treatments for dry flies, “must fish” rivers for swinging flies, two-handed rods for the Florida surf, streamers in low water, what part of a deer hide to save, and other bizarre questions only a fly fisher could love.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: How to Catch Michigan Steelhead, with Frank Willets”

  1. Very interesting. Frank is very articulate and knowledgeable. One thing – is it me or did anyone else notice that he dodged every question from Tom about swinging flies – rigging, fly choice, water type etc?

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