Podcast: How to Find the Right Fishing Guide, with Erica Nelson

This week, my guest is Orvis-endorsed guide Erica Nelson, who is also my co-host for the occasional “Awkward & Clueless” Facebook Live sessions.  (She also has her own podcast, The Awkward Angler.) Erica gives us tips on how to hire a guide, how to find the right guide, how to manage expectations with a guide, how to tip a guide, and what to do if your guide trip is a disaster.

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions and comments, including:

  • Can I use the 10-foot, 3-weight Recon rod for both Euro-nymphing and small-stream trout fishing?
  • What has Tom learned lately?  Has he had any “aha” moments?
  • A listener makes the point that the overharvest of menhaden, a valuable forage fish, threatens our saltwater gamefish populations on the Atlantic Coast, and gives a great book recommendation on the topic.
  • A listener asks if he should consider the shorter 8-weight Blackout rod for a wide variety of fishing situations.
  • Thoughts from a listener on the value of native fish populations
  • A suggestion from a listener on two items every fly fisher who goes off the grid should carry
  • I had a rainbow trout nose my fly and slap the fly with its tail six times.  Why did the fish do that?

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