Classic Podcast: Indicator Fishing Secrets from a Montana Guide, with Peter Bring

Interview starts at 39:52.

This week, we’ve got an interview–recorded pre-Covid–with Peter Bring, long-time Montana guide for Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula. I always learn new things form every guide I fish with, but I thought Peter had some especially helpful tips on fishing with indicators and dry droppers. Being on the water every day and expected to produce fish in any condition, guides develop efficient, fun, and easy ways to catch fish and have polished their techniques through thousands of hours of helping other anglers become successful.

In the Fly Box, we have the following questions

  • Has anyone ever caught two fish at once on a two-fly rig?
  • Can I use dog hair to tie flies?
  • I want to chase redfish, pike, steelhead, Pacific salmon, and muskie.  Will an 8-weight rod handle all those species?
  • Can I use the 10-foot sinking Salmon Poly Leader for trout?  Can I cast it on a 6-weight?
  • What can I tie with hen saddle patches?
  • What switch rod would you recommend for striped-bass fishing in the surf?
  • What is the weight relationship between non-toxic wire and lead wire?
  • I live in Switzerland.  What should I expect regarding European fly hatches?
  • I keep losing big trout when they run downstream.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can land more of them?
  • A great tip on joining Trout Unlimited’s Citizen Science Initiative.
  • Can I use a popper/dropper rig for bass?

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Peter Bring with a stunning Montana brown trout.

One thought on “Classic Podcast: Indicator Fishing Secrets from a Montana Guide, with Peter Bring”

  1. regarding the doghair : I do use hair from my dog, my beloved fishingmate as dubbing
    regards & love from Belgium

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