Podcast: Your Questions and an Interview with Joey Maxim

This week we have a full Fly Box (the only way to be at the beginning of the season!) and cover topics that range from how to store leaders, to figuring out stream depths, to safe handling of fish in cold water, to fishing streamers with switch rods. And lots more. I even try to answer the question of whether I’d prefer to have six less expensive fly rods or three top-of-the-line ones. That question caused me some soul-searching, and I waffled a bit—but who cares what I’d do anyway?

To top it off, we have an inspirational interview with a 17-year-old fly fisher, Joey Maxim. Make sure you listen to all of the interview, because the story gets more interesting as we talk.

Click the play button above to listen, or click here.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Your Questions and an Interview with Joey Maxim”

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