Podcast: Keep ‘Em Wet, Best Practices for Catch & Release

In this podcast, I tell a story about getting caught playing “Hendrickson hooky” by two owners of the Orvis Company. The main event features Paul Moinester of KEEPEMWET FISHING, and we discuss best practices for releasing fish, as well as how we should all help educate others about the need to take care of fish during the release.

In The Fly Box, I deal with various questions, such as how to keep rainbows on the hook when they jump, how to remove flies from deep in a trout’s mouth, how Eastern and Western waters differ in early season, and fly fishing alongside spin-fishing buddies.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

The goal of keepemwet is to educate anglers to become better fish-handlers.
Photo by Brian O’Keefe, courtesy Keepemwet Fishing

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Keep ‘Em Wet, Best Practices for Catch & Release”

  1. I always enjoy the podcast and the blog, Tom & Phil, keep up the great work. Pretty sure Tom misheard the caller’s 2nd question at the 4:30 minute mark on this one. Caller asked about using “two flies” in saltwater, like a gurgler with a baitfish streamer dropper for stripers. Tom’s answer was about using “tube flies”. I’d like to hear Tom’s answer regarding two flies on saltwater rigs as well.

  2. Phil, is there a reason this podcast isn’t showing up on the Orvis phone app? The New Lord of the Flies seems to be the last podcast it wants to show me.

    1. Norman, we had to move the app to a new server because we made it free and did not have the bandwidth on the old server. We needed to update some stuff on the app as well. It has been giving us fits and we are working hard to fix it, but hopefully the app should be up and running–and current–soon. Sorry to inconvenience you.

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