Podcast: Late-Season Carp Techniques with Dan Frasier

I always enjoy doing podcasts with Dan Frasier. He’s always upbeat, often very funny, and is one of the most insightful carp anglers I know. He’s also the author of The Orvis Beginner’s Guide to Carp Flies, which I think is a misleading title because his book is theauthority on carp flies and is a favorite with many expert carp anglers.

Dan talks about how potentially the best carp fishing of the year lies ahead of us, something I was not aware of. I always thought carp fishing was best in the heat of summer, but you’ll discover in this podcast that you have a lot more to look forward to—and Dan will tell you how and why. And of course we have an installment of the Fly Box, covering such esoteric topics as fishing with dogs, trout in Mexico, jumping trout, sinking lines for trout, and how to fish a difficult tail of a pool.

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Dan Frasier is full of great tips.
Photo courtesy Dan Frasier

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Late-Season Carp Techniques with Dan Frasier”

  1. More important than the fly used is the presentation of your fly to the carp. Carp are omnivores and take many of the same flies that trout take. Patience, accuracy and stealth are very important when fishing for carp.

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