Podcast: Late Summer Smallmouth Tips, with Colby Trow

[Interview starts at 38:08]

This week, my guest is Colby Trow of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing–in Harrisonburg, Virginia–one of the best smallmouth bass anglers I know. Colby talks about successful techniques for chasing these critters in late summer, when they can be harder to catch than earlier in the season.  The good news is that it’s one of the best times to catch smallies on a surface fly,such as a popper or hair bug, which is always the most fun.

In the Fly Box, we have the following questions and tips from listeners:

  • A listener who makes the point that it’s quicker to land trout on light tippets with a Euro rod.
  • Can I fish carp flies with an indicator?
  • Are treble hooks more harmful than single-point, barbless hooks?
  • What do I do when trout take my hopper patterns deep? Should I leave the fly in them?
  • I have trouble catching smallmouths in clear water. Any suggestions?
  • Where do you store your leader between fishing trips?
  • A tip from Sam, fishing manager at Orvis Houston, on catching redfish in dirty water.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages in using a pedestal vise as opposed to a C-clamp?
  • How do I choose which size hair stacker to use?
  • How can I fish size 18-22 nymphs in four feet of fast water?
  • A suggestion for using 7 1/2-foot leaders in small streams in the Driftless Region.
  • Can I put a 7-weight sinking line on my 5-weight rod?
  • If I am catching trout in small mountain streams where the water is cold enough, do I need to worry about them moving downstream into warmer temperatures after I release them?
  • How many phone calls and questions do you get per week?
  • When I switch from Euro-nymphing to my regular trout rod, I keep breaking off fish. Is this normal?
Colby and family on a fun river trip.

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