Fly-Fishing Podcast: Even More on Leaders and Your Questions

This week in the fly box we discuss:

•       How stocking affects wild trout
•       Sinking lines
•       Casting exercises
•       Gripping a fly rod
•       Tangles after dark
•       Tom’s 5 favorite places to fish and the top 5 on his bucket list

In the main podcast, we do an extensive discussion of leaders—leader types, materials, and how to modify your leader streamside. It’s a good topic for a refresher as fishing season is upon us in most places!

Here is the leader formula:

28″ .021
14″ .019
12″ .017
10″ .015
6″ .013
6″ .011
6″ .009
6″ .007
20″ .006

Although as I mention in the podcast, most of us will want a longer tippet than 20″ unless you are fishing stillwater or if it is windy.

Click the play button above to listen, or click here.

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