Podcast: Lessons from the Missouri River with Chris Strainer

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Chris Strainer, owner of Crosscurrents Fly Shop in Craig, Montana. Chris fills us in on how to beat both the heat and the crowds on one of our most popular trout rivers, the Missouri. He has some great tips on this, as well as suggestions for fall fishing opportunities, after the crowds are gone and when the weather is cooler.

In the Fly Box we talk about mending with a dry fly, fishing emergers and wets upstream, prospecting with smaller flies, losing fish when they jump, protecting rubber legs on crab patterns, casting fatigue, big fish on light rods. . .and many other crazy topics.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast: Lessons from the Missouri River with Chris Strainer”

  1. Hey Tom, love the podcast! I live in British Columbia and I am looking to become a fly guide for 2016 as a career . What would be the best way to go about becoming a guide. There are courses offered and I am heavily considering that as an option. Is it necessary to take the course? I have been fly fishing for 4 years and I think I have the skill to peruse this. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for your knowledge and time!

  2. Graham, probably the best way to explore this is to talk to some guides you admire. Don’t call them now when they are busy, but maybe over the winter when they have more time to talk. From what I have learned, guiding is very hard work, not just physically but mentally. You have to be guide, babysitter, and psychologist all at once, and if you can enjoy people for 8 hours a day regardless of their temperament you are 3/4 of the way there. Good fishing and rowing skills are only part of the equation. A guide school can help with the basics but to be a great guide you almost have to be born with the right personality. Hope this helps–and check the podcast archives as I have talked to guides about this before.

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