Classic Podcast: Lessons from the Legendary Au Sable, with Josh Greenberg

This week, I have a chat with Josh Greenberg, owner of Gates Au Sable Lodge in Michigan. Josh talks about the ecology of his streams, which are unique and provide fascinating fishing for wild trout year round. Josh is a very perceptive and canny angler, and regardless of your interest in Michigan streams you’ll learn some great tips and some interesting ideas about fly fishing. Josh is also an ardent conservationist, picking up the mantle from his mentor, the late Rusty Gates.

After this one, there won’t be a new podcast for a couple weeks because I will be off the grid.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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3 thoughts on “Classic Podcast: Lessons from the Legendary Au Sable, with Josh Greenberg”

  1. Josh is an amazing guy and Gates Lodge is first rate. He has carried on Rusty Gates legacy brilliantly. Thanks

  2. Tom,
    EXCELLENT podcast. Really looking forward to you experiencing the Au Sable and other Michigan streams when you’re in Michigan in June. I had the pleasure to meet you with my two sons at the Midwest Fly-fishing Expo in March this year in Michigan. Hoping I might get to see you again if you visit SA in Midland during your Michigan visit. And I think Josh Greenberg and other contacts have you covered here, but if you need any tips on the North Branch of the Au Sable or some other small MI trout streams, I can probably help. ; )

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