Podcast: Louisiana Redfish Secrets, with Capt. Pete Scafaru

Capt. Pete Scafaru is a new Orvis-endorsed guide in New Orleans (he’s not new at guiding, just new to the Orvis program), and he shares his vast experience on what to expect at different times of the season, how to present the fly, and how to target redfish in shallow water.  Regardless of where you fish for redfish, his tips will be valuable.

In the Fly Box, we have some questions and tips that I think will be of interest to all fly fishers, including:

  • What tips or tricks do you have for an older angler who has problems threading small flies?
  • A tip from a listener about how he attaches a dropper nymph to his tippet with a clinch knot so he can change either fly without re-tying both flies.
  • A tip from a listener on how to estimate measurements using parts of your arms and fingers.
  • Why does Orvis not sell a 7-weight Superfine Glass fly rod?
  • Do you ever use indicators when fishing nymphs on small mountain brook trout streams?
  • Can I fish soft hackles during the winter?
  • Why are people so nasty when I post fly-tying videos on social media? Do you get those kinds of comments in the podcast mailbox? 
  • Does it matter where I put my wing case on Perdigon nymphs, and why are some Perdigons relatively fat? I thought “thin for the win” was the mantra for these flies.
  • Why would people throw streamers on Euro-nymphing rods?
  • I bought an old 7½-foot, 6-weight Madison bamboo fly rod. Will this be better with a 5- or 6-weight line, and will it be OK for general trout fishing?

Special theme song “Redfish,” by Matthew Logan Vasquez.

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