Podcast: Mastering the Hatch from a Boat, with Joe Demalderis

This week, we feature an interview with an old friend, Joe Demalderis, of Cross Current Guide Service and Outfitters in the Catskills. Joe knows the Delaware system about as well as any human, and he has a common-sense approach to fishing hatches that I love. (He’s also a former Trout Bum of the Week.) We talk about how to fish hatches from a drift boat or other craft, which can be more difficult than fishing hatches while wading, but can also allow you to reach fish in water that is too deep or otherwise inaccessible to wading anglers.

In the Fly Box, topics include getting droppers ready before you go fishing, caddis pupa tactics, fish rising to tippet rings, brook trout on streamers, the effect of heat on tippet material, shirt colors on trout streams, and suggested bonefish books.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Capt. Joe Demalderis (left) guides anglers to tough Catskills trout from his trusty drift boat.
Photo via Facebook

One thought on “Podcast: Mastering the Hatch from a Boat, with Joe Demalderis”

  1. Have a trailer on the West Branch at the Delaware River Campground for many years
    This is a very beautiful and exceedingly technical river to fish
    My favorite river in America!!!
    Come fish it
    Need info, email me

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