Podcast: Montana’s Smith River, with John Herzer and David Brooks

This week’s main topic is the Smith River in Montana, a near-wilderness river that requires a five-day float and is on many fly fishers’ wish lists. It is definitely on mine. To talk about fishing and floating the Smith, and a threat to its pristine ecosystem, my guests are John Herzer of Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula, a veteran of many decades of floating the Smith, and David Brooks, executive director of Montana Trout Unlimited.

In the Fly Box this week you can enjoy the following tips and questions:

  • Why do I see carp jumping at the base of a dam, like salmon on their spawning run?
  • What is an economical way to explore new rivers without always hiring a guide?
  • Can I use braided leaders for carp?
  • How can I do better when setting the hook on quick-striking brook trout?
  • What is the best way to attach a leader to a fly line if you don’t have a welded loop on the end?
  • How can I catch smallmouths lying in eight feet of water next to a large boulder?
  • A listener tip on how to use a polarizing filter on an Iphone (or similar smartphone).

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

John Herzer of Blackfoot River Outfitters is an advocate for protecting the Smith.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Montana’s Smith River, with John Herzer and David Brooks”

  1. Great PodCast Tom. When are you blue lining in Colorado this summer?
    Gimme a line and will go. Retired and refined and re-leadered!
    ~ ron carter

  2. Tom, Thanks for spending the time with us discussing this important topic. Its critical to get the word out and once again Orvis steps up. You and your team are the best! We need to get you on this amazing Montana river. Herzer

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