Podcast: Musky Time, with Kip Veith

[Interview begins at 38:55]

This week, my interview is with Kip Veith, Orvis-endorsed guide and author of The Orvis Guide to Muskies on the Flywhich has just been released. Fresh from lots of research and in the middle of his season, Kip has some great tips for those of you who want to pursue this giant freshwater predator–and fall is known as the best time to chase them with a fly rod.

In the Fly Box, we have lots of interesting questions and some great tips from listeners, including:

  • I have some flies I tied that I don’t like and want to salvage the hooks to use again. What’s the best way to do this?
  • With big pike flies, I have trouble getting the fly moving on the first few false casts. How can I do this easier?
  • My floating line is sinking. What can I do to make it float, and if I can’t make it better, can I use the line for streamer fishing?
  • My yarn indicators won’t float. What am I doing wrong?
  • How do you do the Joe Humphreys bow-and-arrow cast?
  • How do I use a BigEye dry fly as a sliding dropper?
  • I lubricate my clinch knots with Chapstick. Why doesn’t the knot hold?
  • My dad raises chickens. Do you think I can use some of their feathers for fly tying?
  • When do most anglers change their leaders?
  • A tip from a listener on preventing gel floatant from exploding when you change altitude.
  • Can I go from 5X to 7X using a tippet ring?
  • A great tip from a listener on how to politely engage someone on the river who is using poor fish-handling technique.
  • How do you cut Body Wrap when making Game Changers? 

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