Podcast: Must-Reads in Classic Fly-Fishing Literature, with Michael Checchio

[Interview starts at 38:10.]

I get frequent questions from listeners on what I would recommend they read in fly-fishing literature, as there is so much out there it’s tough to sort through it to find what’s worth reading. Michael Checchio is a retired journalist and investigative reporter, as well as a student of fly-fishing books, so we spend some time discussing what he feels are must-reads (or maybe just interesting reads) in the vast river of what has been written about fly fishing.

Here is Michael’s list:


  • A River Runs through It by Norman Maclean
  • “Big Two-Hearted River” by Ernest Hemingway (short story)
  • Ninety-Two in the Shade by Thomas McGuane
  • The River Why by David James Duncan


  • The Longest Silence by Thomas McGuane
  • The Angler’s Coast and Dark Waters by Russell Chatham
  • The Curtis Creek Manifesto by Sheridan Anderson
  • “Hat Creek” and “Deeds Among the Steelhead” by Bill Barich (magazine articles; may be tough to find)
  • The Spawning Run by William Humphrey
  • Trout Bum by John Gierach
  • “The Same River Twice” by David Quammen (published in Outside Magazine)
  • “A Sporting Life” by Jim Harrison (magazine article, may be tough to find)
  • My Story as Told by Water by David James Duncan

In the Fly Box, we have lots of questions and tips, including:

  • How do I know when to strip strike and when to trout strike?
  • Do I really need to go barbless on small dry-fly hooks?
  • How do I know what size material to use if I want to lengthen my leader?
  • A great tip from a listener on learning to cast with your “off” hand
  • A tip from a listener on wetting new tying materials befor you use them to see what color they will be
  • Why do I only see larger wild brown trout in one section of a river I fish?
  • How do I see my sighter in difficult lighting conditions?
  • If I am fishing for stocked rainbows and grayling, where should I place my grayling fly—on the bottom or on the dropper?
  • Should I use my 10-foot 7-weight Recon that I use for steelhead for streamer fishing from a boat for trout?
  • What is the main difference between a Helios D and Helios F rod when fishing for bonefish?
  • My bamboo ferrule only fits ¾ of the way to full engagement.  Is that OK?
  • Why do I see steelhead smolt in my river but never chinook salmon smolt?
  • Is there any way to get the bad smell off a bucktail?
  • Why don’t people fish bucktails much these days?
  • Is there a way to tell a northern strain from a southern strain brook trout visually?

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Must-Reads in Classic Fly-Fishing Literature, with Michael Checchio”

  1. Jim Harrison’s “A Sporting Life” is in his fantastic collection of non-fict: Just Before Dark. Also, Chris Dombrowski’s The River You Touch and Body of Water are wonderful reads.

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