Podcast: Norway’s Jazz and Fly Fishing, with Håvard Stubø

[Interview starts at 40:23]

This week my guest is Håvard Stubø of Jazz and Fly Fishing. If you have not enjoyed one of their videos, it’s a group of jazz musicians who also love fly fishing and decided to make some videos of their exploits. We think their films are quite entertaining, and I think you’ll appreciate their dry humor as a welcome respite from what you typically see in fly fishing films. Håvard talks about fly fishing in Scandanavia, the relationship between jazz music and fly fishing (and tying) and other offbeat topics.

In the Fly Box, it seems like we have a spate of basic equipment questions, so unless you need some advice on rod, reel, and line selection you may want to skip right to the interview. Some of the questions include:

  • I am interested in a lighter fiberglass rod, but I have noticed some manufacturers recommend two lines sizes, like a 3 or 4.  Which one should I pick?
  • I want to fish a Depth Charge line down to 20 feet with my 8-weight. Should I get a 250 grain or 300 grain line?
  • If I want to fish 5 to 6 feet under the surface, should I get a sink-tip or intermediate sinking line?
  • Any advice on hook sets and fighting fish for rookie anglers?
  • What is the maximum size fly I can use on my Clearwater 9-foot 5-weight rod?
  • In nymph fishing, should I be watching the line or waiting to feel the strike?
  • What would be a good rod for backpacking into lakes?
  • Which sink rate should I choose when I buy a Poly Leader?
  • How do I tell if an old fly line that was given to me is still usable?
  • Should I get a 5-weight Clearwater or a 6-weight Clearwater for fishing small streams and small bass ponds in Pennsylvania?
  • Why don’t I see fiberglass rods heavier than an 8-weight?
  • What are your thoughts about fishing for bass when they are spawning?
  • What do I think of pink flies? And how important is color anyway?
  • What do you do when a fish takes you down to your last couple turns of backing?

One thought on “Podcast: Norway’s Jazz and Fly Fishing, with Håvard Stubø”

  1. Loved the interview, I have followed Havard’s videos for several years and find them more enjoyable than some instructional or informational videos. Thank you for a great podcast.

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