Podcast: Nymphing with Joe Humphreys

This week I don’t have much of a Fly Box, because I just have not been getting many questions from listeners. Where are you? I’m lonely here. But I do have a big interview with the great Joe Humphreys, a savvy, iconoclastic fly fisher whom I’ve admired for many years. He has a unique take on nymph fishing and has never used an indicator, so you may get some new ideas on how to fish nymphs on this one. By the way, Joe will be at Orvis Pittsburgh this Saturday and Sunday morning, so if you want to see him in action or ask some questions, get over to Orvis Pittsburgh.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Nymphing with Joe Humphreys”

  1. Outstanding podcast, Tom and Joe.
    This is a podcast that I have archived and will replay several times.

    Tom, you have a focused skill for recruiting the “heavy hitters”.
    Joe, good to hear from you again!

    …..from an early-years PA fly fisher.

  2. Posted on the FB site but should have done it here instead. Anyway, Great interview………..or just let Joe talk…..with my fly fishing hero. I wish I wasn’t working this weekend…every weekend..and could drive up to Pitt to see him. My best day nymphing was using his cast and his (and George Harvey’s) techniques. If I weren’t so ADD and got to hit the water more maybe I’d fish like that every time. But I get too excited and it all goes out the window.
    As far as the ad/podcasts. I can live with it. I can’t believe you guys are promoting the Strike putty (Forgive me Joe) that I add just an inch worm type dab to my leader even when fishing dry 32’s. And new to me but not Orvis the Tungeston Putty. I only have had a chance to get out once but I think it will displace about half the shot floating in my pocket.
    Again, great show. Makes the endless hours at work craw by a little faster.

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. ADD and can’t find an edit button. I can’t believe you AREN’T pushing the strike and tung putty. Sorry, gotta get to work now hope that’s the only flub.

  3. Great podcast, great job of letting Joe share his wisdom and “ten second stories” Tom. I have tried indicators and have had some success, but much more without one and sometimes that elusive “sixth sense” even kicks in. I vote for a Joe Humphreys part 2 podcast in the near future.

  4. Jeeze Louise there’s a lot of information in here! I love the casting tips. Joe’s nuanced approach to casting something we all can learn from. There’s a big difference between throwing tight loops at your local casting club and casting for fish on an actual body of water. Joe’s technique to squeeze the rod (the squeeze facilitates the stop) at the end of the tuck cast is a great tip. When teaching beginners the basics of casting I often suggest the squeeze for folks who are having trouble stoping the rod succinctly. Anyway, great pod cast. It’s fun to get nerdy on casting.

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