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This week, Tom interviews his boss, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins, about leaders. Don’t let the CEO title fool you; the guy knows his stuff. Also, Tom answers lots of your questions in the Fly Box. Finally, would you like to be on the show? Tom tells you how to win a new contest and be one of our next guests. If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

58 thoughts on “Podcast: Our Leader on Leaders”

  1. i would love to be on the podcast! i could certainly fill some time chatting with you from a semi amateur perspective.

  2. Great podcast! I love how scheduled these last couple of podcasts have been! I’ve done competitive bass fishing angling and have recently switched over to fly fishing… it’s been a great learning experience! I would love to be on the podcast!

    – Sam
    Twitter Handle: @SamuelCruz961

  3. As always, I enjoyed the podcast. I don’t know if I am a “leader geek”, but I am constantly messing with mine. I still enjoy building my own. But do use “right out of the pack” leaders as well.

    As far as being a guest on the podcast, who wouldn’t!

  4. Hey guys!! Brian from NJ here! I would love to be a guest on the podcast. I was the phone call at the begining of the December podcast, A guide to guides. I had a full year of fly fishing and I think I’d be pretty beneficial to those starting out! Thanks, Tom and Phil……..Brian

  5. Oh man I’d love to participate. Just starting my 4th year, and I absolutely love it. This podcast was my goto instructional tool when I made the switch from spin fishing to fly fishing. I didn’t know anyone who fly fished at the time. Now while I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing these days (atleast on my local waters)… I never miss a podcast, as I’m always looking to put my personal twist on anything I learn. I’ve gone from never being able to find a buddy to fly fish with, to hardly able to get out on the water these days without running into a buddy (be careful what you wish for)!

    These days I target trout (mostly czech nymphing), smallmouth, largemouth bass and after hooking into a few last season on top water flies, pike.I tie all winter, for myself, my buddies when they need, and while I’ve been offered, I haven’t been able to put aside enough time to tie for our local orvis store up here in Montreal.

    I just can’t get enough of it. From late April until November I’m out there every chance I get. The vast majority of my time off, 9 out of 10 sick days, the list goes on. I just love everything about it… The river, the wildlife, the fish, exploring, discovering! Meeting new people on the water, trading flies, tips, ideas on the water, the stories, the beers by the truck after a hard day. It’s always an adventure, and you can’t beat that.

  6. I’ve been fishing for 35 years, progressing from bait fishing to flyfishing. I’d love a chace to be Tom’s guest on the podcast.
    I’m in Michigan and fish for what ever I can find to take the fly!

  7. Great podcast! I have been struggling with leaders for a while now and was just looking up Tom’s email when I saw the new podcast! Don’t worry Tom, I still have plenty of questions and you never fail to deliver. Thanks for what you do

    1. Hi Phil & Tom,

      Love the podcasts and Friday videos. It would be great to be on the podcast!

      Enjoy the warming weather!

  8. Hey, I’m a keen trout and grayling angler from Wales in the U.K. I would love to chat with Tom on the podcast. Maybe we could discuss the differences and similarities between fishing in the states and the U.K ?

  9. Hey Tom, I’d be honored to be a guest on your show. I’m a younger angler who spends all of my free time fly fishing, fly tying, or thinking about one of those.
    Fly fishing isn’t my hobby, it is my lifestyle, I’m pretty sure my day job is just so that I have money to support my fishing habit.
    I’ve fished all over Michigan and the great lakes; and I think I have some funny stories to share as well as some unique experiences.
    Looking forward to perhaps getting to talk with you!

  10. Mike Tafel

    Denver, CO

    Been additcted to it since I was 11 yeares old. Would love to be on the podcast!

  11. I’d love to be on the podcast. I’m definitely more of a beginner if that’s what you’re looking for.

  12. Love the podcast.
    I’d like to be on – especially if I could meet you in “studio” and do it in Vermont.

  13. I really enjoyed the discussion on braided leaders. Now I know the couple times I’ve experimented with them I wasn’t tying in the transition sections but will try it next time around. I’ve been fortunate in that listening to the podcast ever since I’ve taken up the sport. Any time my wife is around when I’m listening to Tom she has always called me a nerd or an Old Man. I wonder what she’d say if I were an actual guest…..

  14. I look forward to all your podcasts Tom, it gives me my fishing fix… 🙂 listening to someone else so passionate about fly fishing gives me comfort after a hard day at work!

  15. I am the head fly fishing instructor at Kerr Scout Ranch near Tishimingo, Oklahoma as my summer job. I would enjoy talking about the Pennington Creek which is in the camp and is one of the only blue water streams in Oklahoma. I really enjoy the podcast and have gleaned most of what I know about fly fishing from it.

    – Andrew Weatherford

  16. Love the podcast! – would be fun to be on it. Southern Californian who grew up fishing summers in Northern Idaho – now fish all over – even for giant carp on the Los Angeles River. Invented underwater fishing as a kid with mask, snorkel and Popeil’s pocket fisherman.

  17. Dear Tom-
    On this pod cast you read an email from a guest who had a situation where the trout in a pool were clearing the water for flies above the surface of the water. You had mentioned that you had read somewhere about a story somewhere in Europe about two fisherman, one on each side of the stream with their lines connected to make the fly dance. I believe this was a story written by one of my favorite authors, the late John D. Voelker (a.k.a. Robert Traver) in his classic book, “Trout Magic”. The story is called “The Dancing Fly”, it explains how two of Mr. Voelker’s friends discover a way to catch the spooky brook trout in his secret spot, “Frenchmen’s Pond. Mr. Voelker’s two classic books, :Trout Magic” and “Trout Madness” are a must read for any trout flyfisherman. They were written years ago but as with any classic, they survive the test on time. Thanks for the pod casts, they are great!

    Tight Lines….

    Mike Conklin
    Western Massachusetts

  18. NatGeo’s Instagram posted a video on March 12th of a Brook Trout on the Snake River in Wyoming with another(looked to be live) Brook trout only a little smaller than itself in its mouth. You’ve got to check it out, the original video came from

    Also, I read in Dave Hughes book, Essential Trout Flies, that covering the hook point with the vice weakens the wire in the hook, causing it to break more easily. Not sure if there’s absolute truth to that, but I have broken a few flies while tying like that, especially if you’re pulling hard on the thread.

    Anyway, love the podcast, can’t wait for these Maine rivers to thaw!!

  19. This as always was an excellent podcast. Its really great that you get in all of the aspects of fly fishing and tying which helps everyone a lot. I teach fly casting and fly tying to my students in 7 & 8th grade PE classes and I can share lots of timely tips with them directly from your efforts Tom. If chosen I would be happy to participate in the podcast.

  20. I got back into fly fishing in the past year, but my dad taught me when I was very young (before he passed away.) I am obsessed with getting out to the river every chance I get and I would love to chat with Tom!

  21. I think it would be awesome to be a guest on the podcast. I think I’ve got a better voice for radio. Maybe video because I’ve got a pretty big beard. Keeps the face warm fishing in the winter months. Been fly fishing since I was a child in the early 90’s till now and I’ll be 30 in May.

  22. Ive been fly fishing since 2008. Started listening to the podcast the same year. Im no expert at fishing, but I can talk about it all day long. I would be honored to be a guest.

  23. Hi,

    Avid podcast listener here. The info. gleaned through the years has helped me immensely. I am now hopelessly addicted to fly fishing, fly tying, picking through bucktail looking for the perfect taper and everything about the sport. Would love to be a guest on the show. I fish for stripers and in the salt mainly but can’t pass up a largemouth on the fly!


  24. Hi,

    I’ve been fishing for a while but I was overlooking fly fishing for the longest time… until I came across the Orvis learning center videos. I recently absorbed just about every single one of those videos and I am more than ready! I have to say Tom Rosenbauer is an amazing teacher just from the videos I watched. I am a complete fly fishing noobie, I have yet to cast a fly. I am going to get me an outfit in the upcoming weeks and get work on my skills. I’d love to be on the show, I bet Tom could take me from never casting a fly to a competent fly caster/fisherman in just one meeting (probably just a handshake).


  25. Long time podcast listener and caller: check

    Fly fishing experience: check

    Puns: check

    Freshwater fly fisher for carp, trout, bass, panfish, musky, etc

    Preparing to get salty in the next year

    I am ready to take my entrance exam for this podcast… Let’s do this

  26. Tom, another great podcast, I’m going to try a braided leader on drys this year. Your idea to interview
    Joe/Josephine Fisher is a good one. Industry people are great to listen to, I’ve learn much from them and you. Hearing from people that pursue this pastime purely for the love of it, would be fun and inspiring to people new to the sport as well as cranky old guys like me.

  27. GREAT podcast Tom!! I was on the verge of purchasing sirius radio when I discovered these, and I’m glad I found them first, I spend an hour and a half in the car each day and I don’t know what I would do without them!!

  28. I am a frequent listener from Austria. Started fly fishing in 2013 and consider myself a novice. Besides active fly fishing I started a facebook page called Fly Fishing Buddy. I would be happy to talk about this topic with Tom. I will also be in Manchester, VT beginning of August.
    Here a explanation of…
    Fly Fishing Buddy is a international community for fly fishermen and women who enjoy meeting new people, explore fly fishing spots or just to interact with fellow fly fisher around the world.
    Travel to new places, meet the local fly fishermen and women and have a good time with people from “there”.
    Finding a Fly Fishing Buddy in your area isn’t as easy as it seems, with Fly Fishing Buddy you have the tool to achieve it.
    Just write where you are and find the Fly Fishing Buddy you were looking for.
    You are going fly fishing?
    You are looking for a buddy, somebody who knows the area?
    Than post here and find your fly fishing buddy!

  29. love the podcasts Tom! They really help get me through my drives for work. From Michigan and just got back from te White River in Ark. Buddy in my boat landed a 30″ brown. Had some real ups and downs on the trip but can’t wait to get back.. Thanks as always Tom!

  30. Hello from Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’m just a trout bum that’s not a guide or involved in the fly fishing industry. I got about 150 days on the water last season and I’ve been fishing this winter due to the lack of snow/cold here in the Sierra Nevada. It would be an honor to be on the podcast with Tom.

  31. Tom, you gotta choose me and my roommate Austin to be on the podcast. we are such huge fans of you and your sage wisdom about trout, fly fishing, and life

  32. Hi, count me in on the list for being on the podcast. I enjoy it tremendously. I would represent the “geezer hatch.” Been fly fishing steadily for about 10 years. About 55 years ago, I did a little when I was a teen, even caught a bluegill on my own fly but had no mentors – no podcasts then – and gave it up for spin fishing. I live in Western MA, not far from Manchester so I could do an interview in person or on the phone.

  33. Long time southern fly fisherman here. I very much enjoy the podcasts and hope that you’ll be able to keep them coming. Not many folks around here do the fat line thing so it’s nice to be able to tune in and scratch my itch! Many thanks for your service.

    Best regards,

    Doyle Caviness

  34. Leaders fall into a category of fly fishing that I haven’t let myself explore nearly enough over the years. There are a select few that I have built confidence in over the years, but that comes only from persistent success with a select few, rather than actual working knowledge of what is available. It can be intimidating to try out something new when you are dealing with the most delicate link between angler and fish. This podcast is helping to nudge me out of that box. I’m looking forward to challenging myself this season to expand my knowledge and use of various leader types. As always, thank you for the show!

    -Eric VanAllen

  35. Downstate NY fly fisher trying to find good waters in a foreign land. Like my laptop, my running shoes, and Superfine Glass 3wt, I bring my Orvis podcasts with me everywhere.


  36. Pick me! You’ve answered my buddy Marc’s questions multiple times now. (Marc from Silver Spring, MD; Gunpowder River) I told him I was jealous and can’t believe how many times his questions came up. This would be the supreme payback!
    Love the Podcast! Keep up the good work.

  37. Always enjoy the podcasts. Glad you’ve also posted the old ones. Keep up the great work.
    I’m a retired teacher in VT – and in 2010 (just as I retired) I took up fly fishing. Read a lot of books, surfed the web sites, joined some forums and bought more gear than I should. Always enjoy Tom’s take on things – down to earth. Had the good fortune (and sense) to take a couple of trips to fish with my younger son – Snake River in Jackson, Central PA spring creeks, and Yellowstone, as well as a few local spots. Next up – Saltwater.
    I’ll be down to Manchester soon to recon the Recons. 😉
    The best part is that even at my ripe old age, I learn something new every day!
    Thanks! RD

  38. I have been fly fishing for less than a week and I’m loving it. I listen to the podcast every day at work. I have soo many questions. I would very much enjoy being on the podcast!

  39. This episode was my introduction to your podcast, and you now have another full time listener! Good form and please keep them coming!

    tight lines!

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