Podcast: Pat Dorsey on Fishing Early-Spring Midges in Tailwaters

In this week’s podcast, I have the pleasure of picking Pat Dorsey’s brain on winter and early-spring midge fishing in tailwaters. Pat is one of our foremost experts on fishing with small flies, and he is known far and wide as a guide, writer, fly tier, and presenter. Plus he’s just a cool guy.

In the Fly Box this week, we have a surprise guest talking about an infamous bumper sticker, the difference between tippet material and regular fishing line, estimating how big trout get in small streams, a couple of dubbing techniques, how to find seam leaks in waders, avoiding tangles in two-fly rigs (don’t expect any brilliant ideas), and using stripping baskets with Spey rods.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

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One thought on “Podcast: Pat Dorsey on Fishing Early-Spring Midges in Tailwaters”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I love the podcasts. Thanks for churning them out. I really like this one in particular, as I fish a lot of tail waters. I’m in Utah for school. and spend a lot or time on the Provo river and other tail waters close to me. I am rather new to trout fishing though, and haven’t been too successful. These tips are great, and hopefully I’ll start having a bit more luck!

    I have a request for you (or Pat as you talked about his box a bit in the podcast). Currently I am trying to make sure that I have good flies for all the mayfly hatches and midge hatches that are going on. What would a good box look like? I hear about a lot of different flies that I should use, but a short list and a posted picture of a box you would use could help a lot! Can I get a list of a few different types of flies, colors, and sizes I can use to fill my box?


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