Podcast: Planning your Strategy on the River, with Devin Olsen

This week I interview Devin Olsen, whom you may know about from his competitive fly fishing exploits, but we don’t talk about that here. Instead, Devin walks us through what to look for when you first approach a stream and how to come up with a strategy for a day of fishing.  His new book Tactical Fly Fishing is available, and we get a sneak peak on what you’ll learn from it.

In the Fly Box this week, we talk about:

  1. Moving kids from a spinning rod to a switch rod.
  2. How to deal with muddy and bloody feathers from a duck-hunting friend.
  3. How to display fly rods in your house.
  4. If my jig hooks bend when I get stuck in a snag, should I just bend them back and re-use them?
  5. If a 5-weight is considered an all-around rod in graphite, is it the same for fiberglass rods?
  6. What is the difference between hen necks and hen capes?
  7. A great suggestion for carrying a landing net on a plane
  8. Do catastrophic floods ruin trout fishing and the insect life?
  9. What length and line size do you recommend for both smallmouth bass and steelhead?
  10. Can I catch catfish with a fly rod?
  11. How should I organize my bonefish fly boxes?
  12. Which grain weight in the Depth Charge lines is best for surf fishing?

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Devin Olsen with a stunning bull trout.
Photo via Facebook

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