Podcast: Protecting the Montana Headwaters, with Scott Bosse

This week, I talk with Scott Bosse of American Rivers on the Montana Headwaters Security Act, a 7-year program that will hopefully come to fruition in 2020. It’s draft legislation for new Wild and Scenic river designations on some of the best rivers and streams on public lands in Montana. This draft legislation is the culmination of seven years of outreach to a broad cross-section of Montanans from across the state.

During this time they have met with over 500 business owners, watershed groups, land trusts, recreation groups, riverside landowners, sportsmen and sportswomen, conservation organizations and other stakeholders. What they heard at those meetings mirrored what they learned in two bipartisan polls in 2013 and 2016 – Montanans love their rivers and want to see more of them protected using the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.  It’s appropriate that this major legislation is happening in Montana, because the idea for the original Wild and Scenic Rivers legislation was born in Montana and was signed into law by President Johnson in 1968.

In the Fly Box this week, we have questions and suggestions from listeners, including the following:

  • The reason for the T-designation for sinking heads.
  • Can I use Tenkara flies with standard fly-fishing tackle?
  • Why can’t I catch fish on nymphs?
  • Do you have some tips for limestone streams?
  • When it is advisable to purposely un-match the hatch.
  • Can I use hiking bots in place of wading boots?
  • Can I use midge-sized flies all year long?  They only work for me in the winter.
  • Can I use an unweighted fly with a Euro-nymphing rig?
  • Is it a good idea to use gear lubricant on my fly line?
  • Why is fly-fishing gear so much more expensive than conventional gear?
  • Where should I add split shot in relation to my streamer?
  • Is there an easy way to remove split shot?

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Protecting the Montana Headwaters, with Scott Bosse”

  1. I use my hemos to take shot off. Just squeeze along the seam line of the shot and it should open up and fall off.

  2. Didn’t mean to ignore the rest of the podcast. Wild and scenic sounds amazing. Leadership seems dynamic and genuine. Anything that way out East?

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