Podcast: Public Stream Access Update, with Land Tawney

[Interview starts at 25:52]

This week my guest is Land Tawney, CEO of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and we discuss recent issues regarding public access on rivers in Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico. This is a timely topic, as public access advocates just won a big court victory in New Mexico.  I hope the podcast will get you up to speed on how stream access is handled by states, and I think you’ll see some positive news on all the great work Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and other public access groups have been doing on our behalf.

In the Fly Box, we have these questions and tips from listeners:

  • A tip from a listener on another natural material to use as a trailing shuck.
  • Is it wrong for me to ask a fly shop to let me test a fly line before I buy it?
  • How do you choose between using head cement or UV-cure epoxy?
  • What do you think about using perfection loops to attach tippets instead of using a tippet ring?
  • What does Tom research before fishing new water?
  • A tip from a listener about another way to organize fly-tying materials.
  • A request for a podcast on tying classic salmon flies.
  • A listener expresses his disappointment in my not mentioning organizations like Casting for Recovery or Project Healing Waters in a discussion on the spiritual nature of fly fishing.

One thought on “Podcast: Public Stream Access Update, with Land Tawney”

  1. Hmmm… Land Tawny’s description of the court ruling in the Colorado Roger Hill case is *way* different than what BHA reports on their website in a Jan 28 article. He said the court ruled that “because the water is navigable it’s open to the public….” What the BHA reported is that the court simply ruled that Roger Hill has standing to sue, and therefore his suit can go forward to trial in the state district court. It would presumably be the ruling of that court in that case that determines whether or not the public has access.

    Can somene clarify.

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