Podcast: Return of the Tenkara Sensei

This week, I had the pleasure of talking to Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA, who did a basic Tenkara podcast last year when he was visiting us. We get into a little more detail on Tenkara, especially the use of sinking flies and all the ways you can manipulate them with this method. If you are curious about this method of fishing, I think you’ll enjoy our discussion.

In The Fly Box, we explore a wide range of topics, like how to hook snakehead on a fly, which sling bag to choose, how to fish streamers, a tip on curing UV resins, whether the flex or action of the rod affects your hooking ability, and which direction salmon face when they are returning to the ocean.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Daniel Galhardo brought this Japanese technique to the U.S.
Photo via Facebook

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