Podcast: Rocky Mountain Small-Stream Fishing, with Timbre Pringle

[Interview starts at 46:26]

My guest this week is Timbre Pringle of Faceless Fly Fishing, and the topic is small-stream fly fishing, particularly in the Rocky Mountains. Timbre has some great tips on fishing dries, dry/dropper combos, and streamers, and the differences between the different species of trout in small streams. She also gives some great tips on avoiding encounters with bears, something that can be an issue when certain areas of the Rockies once you get away from the road.

In the Fly Box, we have some seasonally appropriate questions and some good tips from listeners, including:

  • Four good tips from a listener on storing tying materials.
  • When do you use a dubbing loop, and when do you use the standard noodle method instead?
  • How do I avoid the numerous small steelhead parr on my local river?
  • Why did I miss 20 fish in a row when fishing a dry fly during a caddis hatch?
  • A listener takes issue with the advice of using heavier tippets to play fish quickly.
  • Do trout get full and not rise when there is an over-abundance of bugs?
  • Why can I catch fish on dries and not on nymphs?
  • A listener asks my thoughts on nymphs with a bobber vs. a dry/dropper rig.
  • A listener tore a small piece of the jaw off a trout because he forgot to pinch his barb. He wants to know if that hole in the trout’s jaw is a death sentence.
  • How should I get set up to swing flies for smallmouth bass?
  • How can I intercept a hatch?  What features should I look for if I want to try to wait on the bank for a hatch to appear?
  • Should I avoid putting floatant on the bodies of foam flies?

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