Podcast: Science-Based Tips for Catch and Release, with Sascha Danylchuk

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My guest this week is Sascha Clark Danylchuk, science advisor for KeepEmWet Fishing. Sascha is an angler and a scientist who has studied the effects of various catch-and-release techniques and has also kept up with the scientific literature on the subject. There is a lot of false and misleading information on the Interwebs regarding catch-and-release, and she sets us straight on a number of topics. I thought I was well-versed on this subject, but I learned a lot, and will modify my own practices in the future, based on our talk.

In the Fly Box, we have the usual mashup of topics, including the following:

  • Two inexpensive ways of making wet-wading shoes, suggested by listeners.
  • Will a good mender outfish a good caster?
  • Do nymphs work in high mountain lakes?
  • What is a good sinking-tip option for a 4-weight rod on small streams?
  • How do you catch trout in very deep plunge pools at the base of a waterfall?
  • How do I get sand out of my ferrules?
  • Is it ethical to catch a bunch of big trout by nymphing at night on a full moon?
  • Why do trout keep splashing at my Chubby Chernobyl?
  • Should I spend the same amount of money on a trout reel as I spend on my rod?
  • A great tip for keeping the hair on an Elk-Hair Caddis from slipping around the hook.
  • How can I catch the big brown trout in a small infertile stream in Oregon?

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Click here for links to Sascha’s blog series “Finsights,” about fisheries science for anglers.

Sascha Danylchuk takes a scientist’s perspective on C&R.
Photo courtesy Sascha Danylchuk

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