Podcast: Seasons of the Striper, with Bill Sisson

[Interview starts at 27:29]

Bill Sisson is the founding editor of Angler’s Journal magazine and his recently published book, Seasons of the Striper, is an elegant pictorial love letter to striped bass fishing.  Bill has seen many changes in the striped bass fishery over the years, and his family goes back for generations of striped-bass anglers—both sport and commercial fishing.  He tells some great stories of past striped-bass escapades, which I know you’ll enjoy listening to.

In the Fly Box, we have some solid questions and some informative information from listeners, including:

  • On a recent podcast, a listener described a method of pre-tying nymphs on a dropper with a perfection loop, but I can’t figure out how to attach them to my dry fly with a loop-to-loop connection. How do you accomplish this?
  • A listener gives us some great background on the history of public stream access in the United States.
  • A listener warns of of an alarming trend of beaver misinformation.
  • Why do I keep losing trout on my barbless flies? Am I putting too much pressure on the fish?
  • What tips can you give me on fishing with my fiberglass rod in salt water?
  • I fish for bass in spring creeks. Do you think they will be active in late fall and winter?
  • How do the gases in the exoskeleton of a midge pupa form?
  • Is there any hope of fishing a dry dropper in winter?  
  • Do you have any tips for fishing small streams when there is ice in a creek?

One thought on “Podcast: Seasons of the Striper, with Bill Sisson”

  1. Thanks, Tom, for your response to my question about trout becoming unhooked on barbless flies on the 25nov2022 FlyBox. As you surmised, I was using bead head flies. You mentioned that the extra weight at the eye of the fly could provide leverage to shake the fly loose. I hadn’t considered that. I’ll try your suggestion of keeping the weights away from the tiny barbless flies, and the Orvis Tactical hooks.


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