Classic Podcast: Secrets of Catching Sipping Trout, with Dave Perkins

This week, I interview Dave Perkins, Orvis Vice Chairman and one of the best technical anglers I know.  (Watch how fast he can rig an entire fly-rod system in the video below.) Dave loves geeky challenges and is an expert at catching those picky, large trout that lie up against the bank and sip small flies—ones that most anglers don’t even notice. 

In the Fly Box this week we have the following questions:

  • Can I use a Bimini Twist knot to attach my leader to my fly line?
  • Why does a trout that is sipping quietly suddenly attack my dry fly?
  • Is there a way to land large trout in a small stream without a net?
  • A tip on using split ring pliers for removing split shot
  • How do you choose where to go fishing when there are so many options?
  • What books did you use when starting out, and where do you get your information these days?
  • How do I avoid foul hooking fish when dry dropper fishing with a nymph on a short dropper
  • Which is better, a fiberglass or bamboo rod?
  • Is there a way to connect a tarpon or ‘cuda fly directly to my bonefish fly?  I have heard it can be done with a loop.
  • How do I know how fast to set the hook on rising trout?
  • Is it ethical to target bass on spawning beds?

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Photo by Nancy Mackinnon

One thought on “Classic Podcast: Secrets of Catching Sipping Trout, with Dave Perkins”

  1. Could you ask Dave if he’d be willing to take over the Battenkill River Report on It’s been anemic since Dale left. It used to be full of current info on the river, now it’s one of the worst on the website. I bet Dave could turn that around.

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