Podcast: “Simon Says,” A Guide to Guides

This week, I interview Simon Perkins, youngest member of the Perkins family (the owners of Orvis) who works at the company. Simon is in charge of our travel, schools, hunting, and guide programs, and was a guide himself in the past. He offers valuable advice on picking the right guide or lodge—a big investment in time and money, and a decision you should not take lightly.

Also this week, in the Fly Box, we discuss the value of head cement, tippet rings, cleaning saltwater gear, and why you might want a Spey rod for winter steelhead.

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Simon Perkins with a Battenkill brown, which ate a dry fly.
Photo by Andrew Pierce

4 thoughts on “Podcast: “Simon Says,” A Guide to Guides”

  1. Good podcast and information, I liked the reminder to call and chat with the outfit or guide. In a time when it is possible to do all the booking online, having an actual conversation seems like a way to ensure the best result for both parties. Thanks

  2. Tom:
    Just a note to tell you how very much I enjoy your broadcasts and your expertise and thoughts. I’m retired and just an average fly fisherman & fly tyer (now living in Kansas from Louisiana) who loves fly fishing and have been with Orvis rods and accessories since the late 90’s…..Your broadcasts dated Dec.18, I especially enjoyed the gentleman who asked about the ‘leader rings’. I saw those in my Orvis catalog and checked with Lowes and found the same washers in hard white plastic….Now, are they better than the ones Orvis & other companies sale?…..I don’t know…..but I like the idea of being able to tie on a tippet quickly without too much trouble especially with my bad eyesight….I’m going to try both in the near future and I’ll let you know…Thank you for your dedication to a great sport for so many of us retirees… blessings on you and your family…. Merry Christmas ……tight lines, Alan.

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