Podcast: Small-Stream Blue-Lining in the Rockies, with Jeremie Prine

[Interview starts at 47:39]

My guest this week is Jeremie Prine, owner and head guide of Orvis-endorsed Dunoir Fly Fishing Adventures in Dubois, Wyoming. He specializes in fishing small wilderness creeks (as well as larger rivers) in Wyoming and is one of the best small-stream anglers I have ever met. Jeremie shares his tips on finding these streams, how to fish them, and of course what flies he likes for blue-lining. He also gives some great tips on exploring in grizzly-bear country, and you should pay attention to his tips, because in a lifetime of chasing fish in the backcountry he has never had to use bear spray. (But he still carries it every time he goes out.)

In the Fly Box, we have some excellent tips form listeners, as well as many questions on fly fishing conundrums, including:

  • All the size 16 dry flies I had bent open in large trout. I bought cheap flies online. Is this common, or did I make a mistake?
  • I saw bass jumping for dragonflies and chasing baitfish, but when I tried to match these, I had no luck on the bass. Any suggestions?
  • I have trouble shooting line. It either lands too hard or piles up on the water. What am I doing wrong?
  • Can I use a 2-weight or even a 1-weight rod on small streams if I am using smaller flies?
  • Should I expect rainbow and brown trout in the UK to behave the same way and eat the same flies in the UK as in the US?
  • A great suggestion from a listener that when fishing in the Big Hole Valley, it’s as important to clean, inspect, and dry our wading gear as it is to take care in releasing fish.
  • I am having trouble making long downstream mends in the rain because the line sticks to my rod. What can I do?
  • A great tip from a listener on how to dye white-rubber net bags to a darker color for better photos.
  • Is there any reason not to tie giant hopper patterns for bass?
  • Some great tips and new insights from a listener on how to land more big trout.
  • If I see certain nymphs when turning over rocks in a river, how far can I deviate from them when choosing my nymph patterns?
  • What can I do when faced with high, turbid water and bright, sunny skies?
  • Should we take the same care in releasing bass as we do with trout?
  • What is the best thing to do when I hook a trout deep in its throat and can’t get the hook out easily?
Jeremie Prine (right) guides Mark Melnyk of The New Fly Fisher TV show on a Wyoming creek.

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