Podcast: Small Streams East and West, with Rachel Therkildsen and Brett Damm

[Interviews: Rachel Therkildsen @ 36:25, Brett Damm @ 1:04:52]

I have been interviewing guides across the country on their techniques for small-stream trout fishing, and I want to get these out sooner rather than later, at the peak of the season. So this week, we have a special double feature on small trout streams East and West.  We have Rachel Therkildsen on fishing high altitude streams (and lakes) in Colorado, and then we move East to hear about brook trout fishing in the Rangeley region of Maine with Brett Damm of Rangeley Region Sport Shop.

In the Fly Box, we have the following questions:

  • I use mostly streamers in high mountain lakes. Should I be using nymphs and dries?
  • Is there a good resource for organizing my fly boxes?
  • Are there any podcast episodes on panfish?
  • A suggestion from a listener on wearing a wetsuit when fly fishing.
  • Do you have any tips on how to fish difficult waters?
  • I think carp are eating blueback herring spawn on my local river. Do you have any suggestions on how to catch them?
  • Can I fish emergers upstream?
  • If I take my new Mission rod to Florida to fish deep channels, when should I use a Scandi line and when should I use a Skagit line?
  • Is it okay to carry two rods with different rigs to maximize fishing time?
  • Is it okay to leave my wading boots wet for a day or two. I always dry them, but do I need to do it every day?
  • If I plan to use my Euro-nymphing rod for more conventional fishing, should I over-line the rod?

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