Podcast: Smallmouth Bass Tips with Kip Vieth

This week, my guest is one of our top warmwater fly-fishing experts. You probably know of Kip Vieth as a musky guide, as he is one of the Midwest’s most famous fly-rod musky anglers. But his first love is smallmouth bass, and it’s fascinating that his location is the most famous river in the United States, the Mississippi. He fishes the upper river, where the water is clear and unspoiled by the endless development we think of when we imagine the Mississippi. As well as discovering his unique part of the world, you’ll also pick up many tips on catching smallmouth bass anywhere.

In the Fly Box section, I try to answer some questions on targeting carp, alternatives to wire when fishing for muskies, using flies with a spinning rod, my “method” when approaching a river, and more.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Click here for Kip’s Top 10 Subsurface Flies for Smallmouths.

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