Podcast: Sometimes to Save a River, You Have to Buy It

[Interview starts at 34:50]

In this week’s podcast, we’ll visit with the dynamic co-founder and president of Western Rivers Conservancy, Sue Doroff. Over the past 30 years, Sue and her small, lean staff have protected nearly 400 miles of rivers, with names like the Madison, Hoh, Klamath, and John Day–rivers beloved by fly fishers. If you’ve ever parked at Three Dollar Bridge on the Madison River, you can thank the Western Rivers Conservancy for protecting that stretch of river from development and for maintaining public access. Find out about their unique special sauce and how they do this.

In the Fly Box, we have some great questions and tips from listeners:

  • I know you should keep a fish upstream of you when fighting it. What do you do when fishing downstream?
  • A warning and tip from a listener on the dangers of shelf ice in winter.
  • Should I use big articulated streamers like the Drunk & Disorderly for steelhead?
  • Is a 9-foot, 8-weight rod a good one for wading the beaches of Florida?
  • I don’t want to fish weighted flies, and I don’t want to fish more than one fly.  How can I get a good dead drift with my wet flies and nymphs?
  • I mainly tie steelhead flies, but for a trout fishing trip, is it more economical to buy or tie some dry flies?
  • When fishing across several lines of current with a floating line, what technique should I use to get a good drift?
  • How do you deal with casting an indicator rig when the indicator is set 6 feet or more above your flies?
  • A great tip on tapering synthetic fibers when tying streamers.
  • Should I use a hemostat or small pliers for trout fishing?
  • What are the pros and cons of bead chain vs. solid metal eyes?

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