Podcast: Steelhead tips with Dave Perkins

This week, I interview Dave Perkins, Executive Vice Chairman of Orvis. Dave is one of the most well-traveled and experienced fly fishers I know, but he still enjoys fishing close to home, as well. In this case, he is sharing his tips on catching Eastern, lake-run steelhead from smaller Great Lakes tributaries. Dave has been doing this for many years, so his tips are solid and helpful.

In the Fly Box, we talk about the ethics of fishing for spawning fish, how many turns to take on a clinch knot, tips on making dubbed bodies, Mysis shrimp, and use of sinking lines for nymph fishing.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Steelhead tips with Dave Perkins”

  1. Tom, I appreciate your information. Not all of us have the time to listen through the comments before you get into the Topic Matter of the Podcast. Example the Podcast on Steelhead tips.

    Please put the stated info first and then cover what ever you want after that.


  2. I disagree with Bill Errico (above). I like the format just the way it is. Listeners in a hurry can easily fast-forward the podcast if they are not interested in the Flybox. The length of the podcast varies from topic to topic. I often gain more relevant information from the Flybox than I do from the main part of the podcast, depending on the theme for the day.

  3. Tom as a follow up on the video episode can you and phil talk a little about the ways he has seen people attach their gopro cameras to things to shoot ff videos? I’ve tried a few things but none were really satisfactory.

    Fwiw, I also do not have problem with the current format.


  4. Hi Tom. As far as I’m concerned the current format is fine. No one is putting a gun to my head to listen to the whole podcast. Fast forward, fly box only, as a listener, I can choose what I want to listen to. Also, I have the Orvis app on my phone, so I can listen to the podcast whenever and wherever I choose.

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