Podcast: Stillwater Tips with Steve Yeomans

This week we have a loooong stillwater podcast, for those of you who have been requesting one. Because the British are so more sophisticated about stillwater fishing than most North Americans (with the exception of anglers in the Pacific Northwest and southwestern Canada), I turned to an expert from across the pond, Steve Yeomans, an stillwater guide and angler. Steve goes into detail about how to find fish in lakes, gearing up, casting tricks, lines and leaders, retrieves, and of course flies. It’s chock full of solid information.

Also in the Fly Box, we discuss the best length for saltwater fly rods, trout fishing in rain and fog, landing trout that sulk in deep pools, landing trout on smaller hooks, parachute posts, and beads vs. cones on flies. There are also two great suggestions from listeners, and I re-answer one question where I thought I heard the caller say “tube flies in salt water” when he actually said “two flies in salt water.”

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Steve with a huge rainbow trout.
Photo via steveyeomans.com

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Stillwater Tips with Steve Yeomans”

  1. The podcast keeps cutting out when you listen to it on the web, encoding issue possibly?

    Can it be re-published? would love to listen to it end to end!

      1. Hi Phil,

        It seems it is just on Chrome so may be just me also. I can listen to it fine on safari. Might be a plugin I have.

        Thanks for your reply!

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