Podcast: Switch vs Spey, with Pete Kutzer

I get repeated questions about the differences between switch and Spey: people are often interested in two-handed fly fishing but not sure which set up they need. Even though I think I have answered this question before, I thought it was time for a fresh look, so I asked the incomparable Pete Kutzer, Orvis casting instructor and YouTube star, for his advice. Pete is a very serious two-handed angler and just got back from a couple steelhead rivers on the West Coast, so the topic was fresh in his mind. I hope it helps to answer some of your questions.

In the Fly Box, questions are wide-ranging–casting accuracy, dropper flies tangling, flashing trout, Atlantic salmon guides, and trout short-striking streamers. Plus, an interesting tip on what may be an interesting way of sharpening hooks.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Switch vs Spey, with Pete Kutzer”

  1. In the podcast, Pete mentions a couple of new videos being released, but I can’t find them in the learning center or elsewhere on the web.

  2. Kind of a useless page. Video is only 6 seconds, audio is Tom’s usual hodge-podge of answering random questions.

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