Classic Podcast: Tactical Fly-Fishing with Jesse Haller

We get many questions about tactical nymphs, tactical fishing, and tactical hooks. What do we mean by “tactical,” anyway? Listen this week as we talk to Jesse Haller, resident Orvis Tactical Master. We discuss tying tactical flies and using tactical hooks. Plus, Jesse gives up his go-to fly patterns and tell us how to tie them.

In the fly box this week, we explore fly fishing for largemouths and smallmouths, swinging flies for big brown trout, winter fly fishing, how to measure leader sections, how to pick a trout net and how to use it, and whether “Western” fly patterns can be used in the East.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

Jesse Haller shows off a nice spring brown trout.
Photo via facebook

One thought on “Classic Podcast: Tactical Fly-Fishing with Jesse Haller”

  1. This is all great stuff that most don’t have the time to spend an hour and half to listen too. It would be helpful if you broke it down into smaller modules that a user can select from.

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