Podcast: Ten or More Tips on Fishing Pressured Trout, and Tom Asks for Your Help

This week I offer 10 (actually 12 because I thought of a couple more as I was talking) tips on fishing pressured waters—those where trout get pestered all day long with different fly patterns. The logical course of action would to avoid those places, but the problem is that these waters are typically full of large, wild trout and have great hatches—and these days because of the internet there are few secret trout streams. So pack up your fly boxes, resign yourself to seeing other anglers, and pay attention to your manners and courtesy. Catching a trout on a hard-fished river is as satisfying an accomplishment as catching 20 on a wilderness stream.

Lots of stuff in the Fly Box today, too. A loaded episode, for sure.

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9 thoughts on “Podcast: Ten or More Tips on Fishing Pressured Trout, and Tom Asks for Your Help”

  1. Really good information. I really like the kind of confirmation I get from listening to expert fly fishers remind me of the things I know but often forget to use. And there is always something new to know. So Tom here is what I think you should do. Keep it a little shorter! 45 min is just too long to sit and stare at the screen. Possibly you could have incorporated the first two questions into another podcast.

  2. Earl, most people ask for longer podcasts, and shorter might be harder. To paraphrase Mark Twain: I did not have time to give you a short podcast so I gave you a long one. Shorter is harder and thus they might be less frequent.

  3. Tom,

    I very much appreciate your podcast. They are very helpful and they reinforce many of the points you make in your books and that helps in terms of retaining the information. I buy Orvis products and your books in large part because of the extraordinary effort and resources the company commits to encouraging angling, conservation, and education. This podcast on pressured streams was especially helpful.
    Thank you.

  4. I say getting a cohost is a great idea. That said, I would suggest not waiting around for both of you to always be available. If someone is busy, have one of you run the show (that might be a good day to have a guest speaker on). This lightens your load a little, it will hopefully result in more podcasts for us listeners. It’s a win for everyone.

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