Podcast: Ten Reasons You Need Local Knowledge

This week, we have a few Fly Box items on what to do after your fly drags, landing-net decisions, and how to get by in a boat with two fly lines and only one reel (my advice: don’t go there). Our main topic this week is about the importance of local knowledge for any kind of fly-fishing trip. It’s actually mostly reasons and also a few tips, but you all know I can’t count.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast: Ten Reasons You Need Local Knowledge”

  1. Really enjoy the podcasts with Tom Rosenbauer. Have greatly helped my growth as a fly fisherman, and Orvis fan. Listen to them on the treadmill — have definitely helped me stay on course with my exercise routine (podcasts are something to look forward to), too!

  2. Great podcast as usual Tom. Be interested to get your comments on this video from 2 great Tenkara guys here in the UK extolling the virtues of the palomar knot, https://vimeo.com/68777682. I know that you reckon that the ordinary clinch knot is the strongest, perhaps you’ve measured this one on your machine!
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Great tips once again! Loved the opening! Planning a trip in July to Missouri, and I will be listening to the archive to get pumped up. By the way, in a previous podcast, a listener asked what music you listened to when you went fishing. May I recommend listening to your podcasts?

    Hope you had a great vacation, and I look forward to more podcasts!

  4. Hi, Tom this is Gregg Mc Neal from Detroit, Michigan. Love the pod cast. i have learned so much. I have two questions. How much backing should you put on a reel? And how long should you wait? After, three to four days of heavy rain . To fish your favorite small stream?

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