Podcast: The Amazing World of Trout Stream Bugs, with Anna Le

[Interview begins at 18:57]

This week, my guest is educator and aquatic entomologist Anna Le, who introduces us to the amazing world of trout-stream invertebrates. She tells us how to gauge the health of a river by looking at the bugs, and also how we can all be citizen scientists and alert the authorities when we see a decline of important indicator species.

In the Fly Box, we have the usual mix of difficult and easy questions, plus tips,  including:

  • A great tip from a listener: Don’t try to fish while you are wading.
  • Can I put an 8-weight line on my 7-weight Pflueger Medalist reel?
  • A funny story from a listener on another way to break a fly rod.
  • As I get older my eyesight and finger dexterity are not what they used to be. Is there an easier knot for attaching flies to my tippet?
  • Why don’t more people fish for chubs, and why are they considered a trash fish?
  • Do you have any recommended cicada patterns?
  • A listener who is also a toxicologist warns that not all fly-tying materials are harmless and gives tips on how to avoid undue exposure to them.
  • I have trouble tying tails on size 18 and smaller flies.  Do you have any tips?

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