Podcast: The Blue-Dot Method for Urban Fly Fishing, with Devin Lancaster

Last week, we looked at urban fly fishing in the Rockies. This week we venture into the American south with Orvis Atlanta fishing manager Devin Lancaster for an expert look at how to find and catch interesting fly-rod species within your own city limits by using a method he calls Blue Dotting. You’ll need to listen to the podcast to find out exactly what that is.

In the Fly Box, as usual we have some interesting questions and helpful tips, including:

  • If I am fishing for smallmouths in a river that also hosts trout and the water temperature is 68 degrees, what should I do?
  • How can I cast to smallmouth in a river where I have almost no back-cast room?
  • When fishing from shore in lakes with multiple species, should I expect to find different types of fish at different times?
  • I have difficulty setting the hook on trout with a “trout set” and do better with a strip set. Why is the “trout set” recommended for trout?
  • Do you have any tips on fly-fishing for walleye?
  • Why do some nymphs call for a partridge collar and other nymphs use a CDC collar? Is there any difference?
  • A listener relates that the Ralph Cutter podcast on wading safety literally saved his life.
  • Are all the new Helios models four times as accurate, or just the 905?
  • Are there any dry flies tied with cork these days?
  •  How can I get my fly into a deep pool directly below a waterfall?
  • What do you know about the old PM-10 and T-3 Orvis rods?
  • Is a double or triple surgeon’s loop better than a perfection loop in lighter tippets?
  • Does hook-shank shape affect hooking qualities?
  • How can I swing wet flies in small streams?
  • A great tip from a listener on wearing wool socks underneath neo socks when wet wading to avoid sand between your toes.
  • Is a George Harvey leader the same as a braided leader?

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