Podcast: The Helios vs. Helios 2, plus the Fly Box!

Warning: This week’s podcast, beside the usual Fly Box questions, contains a blatant commercial plug. I am often asked the difference between the original Helios and Helios 2 rods, and I think we have spelled it out pretty well in our marketing. But I figured a better way was to ask some of the best anglers and testers in the industry to articulate the differences they see between the two rods. So you’ll hear interviews with people like Brian O’Keefe, Spencer Higa, Dave and Amelia Jensen, and John Herzer–but the real treat is to hear what the amazing Hank Patterson has to say about H2 rods. I think you will enjoy all of these, but of course for the real truth don’t miss Hank’s interview.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: The Helios vs. Helios 2, plus the Fly Box!”

  1. The H2 is nice, no doubt, but for the price? I can’t see it. There are just as good, if not better fishing tools (that are also American made) on the market at a better price point.

  2. It was worth listening to the unapologetic, unabashed, overdone advertisement for an Orvis rod to get to the interview with Hank. Looking forward to your next podcast Tom, I usually enjoy and learn something from them.

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