Podcast: The Life Cycle of Caddisflies, with Thomas Ames

[Interview begins at 33:05]

This week, we go into great detail about the life cycle of caddisflies and the various species found in the eastern United States. Tom Ames, author of the book Caddisflies is my guest, and although we do a deep dive on the various types of caddisfliesdon’t let it overwhelm you, as imitating these insects is merely a matter of observing what stage of their life cycle is present and what the trout are eating. It’s not something you can predict in advance—you need to arrive at the river and then figure out the puzzle via your powers of observation. But this podcast does get geeky, so be prepared!

Tom Ames’ caddis pattern, which is great for both the emerging and adult caddis.

Our Fly Box questions are much more basic, a good counterbalance to our discussion of caddisflies. Questions and tips include:

  • I want to go beyond my typical attractor patterns and match some hatches. What basic flies do you recommend?
  • A great tip from a listener on fixing rough fingertips for fly tying.
  • Tom’s thoughts on the Murdich Minnow fly.
  • What three lines should I get for fishing lakes?
  • Why don’t more people wear PFDs?
  • What color of Clouser Minnows should I get for smallmouth bass?
  • Can I tie my second Euro-nymph fly onto the bend of the other fly, or can I leave a tag end long on the knot to the first fly and use that?
  • Several rod selection questions.
  • Can I double haul with my bamboo fly rod?
  • Is it a good idea to pinch the line against the cork to put added pressure on a running fish?
  • Tips from a listener on wearing felt boots on a trail and drying out wading boots.
  • What rod is best for practicing my casting skills?

2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Life Cycle of Caddisflies, with Thomas Ames”

  1. His books are amazing but unfortunately the Hatch Guide to New England Streams is out of print. I have contacted the publisher and they confirmed its out of print and suggested trying to hold out for a cheap used copy online somewhere but acknowledge the price its completely outrageous, up to over $350 on some sites.

    Does Thomas have any plans to re-issue that book or do anything with it in the future? I’ve seen demand skyrocket here in Maine recently as so many new people are getting into fly fishing.

    1. Oops, just got to that part of the podcast. Sorry about the premature comment. Unable to re publish, very unfortunate.

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