Podcast: The Resilience of Steelhead, with Dr. Guy Fleischer

Interview begins at 35:30.

This week, my best is Dr. Guy Fleischer , science advisor for the Wild Steelhead Coalition.  We discuss the proposed closure of steelhead fishing on the Olympic Peninsula, how ocean changes affect steelhead survival, and the steelhead life cycle, with an emphasis on how resilient steelhead populations are if we give them half a chance. (We’ll also be publishing a podcast in the next two weeks with Chris Wood, CEO of Trout Unlimited, on the potential removal of four dams on the lower Snake River, which would have a huge impact on steelhead survival.)

In the Fly Box segment, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including:

  • What flies do you like for the Green Drake hatch?
  • What should I do in the winter months to get ready for next season?
  • Can I land big fish on a Euro nymphing rod without worrying about the rod breaking?
  • When is it time to tie a whole new leader onto your line?
  • How can I catch smallmouth bass in cold water?
  • How do I wade a body of water without spooking fish?
  • Advice from a listener on how to find spawning white bass
  • Tips from a listener on a good way to create a fishing journal using free web resources
  • How do I fish an emerger just a couple inches below the surface?
  • Would it be geeky if I took a bunch of Frisbees or other targets to a fly shop to evaluate a new rod at varying distances?
  • Has anyone been able to distill nine fly boxes into one to eliminate the bulk and clutter?
D. Guy Fleischer.
Image courtesy Wild Steelhead Coalition

2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Resilience of Steelhead, with Dr. Guy Fleischer”

  1. Is there any chance of a hearing impaired person getting a transcript of the interview with Dr. Fleischer?

  2. Thanks for the podcast Tom, interesting pod cast. I’m a native of Western Washington and an avid fly fisher of steelhead. I have a few books to recommend to anyone interested in Salmon and Steelhead conservation: “Salmon Without Rivers’ and ‘Salmon People and Place ‘ by Jim Lichatowich and ‘The King of Fish” by David Montgomery. Also anything written by John McMillan. Thanks, Chris
    Native Fish Society
    Wild Steelheaders United

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