Podcast: The Secrets of Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing in Big Lakes with Steve Hollensed

This week, a few people take me to task for not answering questions properly. (I have addressed them in this week’s podcast.) We also talk about nymph/adult size and color correlation in insects, how to carry a second rod, using poly leaders, whether keeping gear in a hot car will hurt it, and a bunch of other questions. 

But the main event is a long conversation with Steve Hollensed from Texas on his secrets for catching largemouth bass in big lakes. Just to pique your interest, they are not always in deep water during the day, and fly selection is probably the least important decision you make. So download this week’s episode and relax in an easy chair, cut the lawn, or make this week’s commute a little more tolerable.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

One thought on “Podcast: The Secrets of Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing in Big Lakes with Steve Hollensed”

  1. I grew up fly fishing and then got the itch for bass fishing for quite a few years now I’m bouncing back and forth between trout fishing with flies and bass fishing with soft plastics and lures. I guess it’s time I try mixing the two. Interesting interview. Thanks Current Seams Fly Fishing

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