Podcast: The Secrets to a Good Fly-Fishing Video

UPDATE: The skiing video we discuss, “Fishski,” is now up on The Tug. Click here to watch it.

In addition to your questions in the Fly Box, Tom is joined in the studio by Orvis News Editor, Phil Monahan. Tom and Phil discuss what makes a great fly-fishing video, touching on subjects such as the ideal length, the proper use of a GoPro, and considering the amount of profanity in your soundtrack.

Phil also introduces the new Orvis fly-fishing video theater, The Tug, which has been completely redesigned and updated, with over three hundred of the best videos online. Check it out at orvis.com/flyfishingvideos.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Secrets to a Good Fly-Fishing Video”

  1. Dear Tom,
    I’ll start by saying I love the podcasts. They have so much helpful info in them. As a 23 year old I feel like I gain insight into the mind of life-long fishermen like yourself and the other contributors.
    I am writing because I have a little problem that I could use some help with. Next year (2015) I am going to attempt to fly fish, and catch a fish, in all 50 states! Mapping out fishing locations in every state has not been easy but using the Orvis Fly Fishing Reports has made it much easier. Now, my problem is that I can not find (through hours and hours of research) promising fishing locations in North Dakota as well as Iowa. I was wondering if you could help me out with this conundrum by recommending some places?

  2. Phil and Tom,

    How’s about getting on the #keepemwet bandwagon, guys? I see most of the videos you show glorify holding the fish up for long periods of time, often over land. Haven’t you read the problems this causes? There is a movement to cut out all this “look at me, a cool dude” stuff and treat the fish with respect, keeping them wet in the water, instead of gasping for videos.

    Get with it!


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