Podcast: The Seven Deadly Sins of Nymph Fishing, with Josh Nugent

[Interview starts at 38:38]

Josh Nugent of Out Fly Fishing in Calgary has been doing a series of “Seven Deadly Sins” podcasts with me over the past couple of years, and this one is chock-full of great advice. Josh is a very preceptive angler and thinks deeply about how flies behave in the water and how trout react to them. In the interview, we go off on a number of tangents—all interesting and all about nymph fishing—and all of them with great advice on how to make your indicator-nymphing game more fun and productive.

Previous installments:

Josh Nugent with a gorgeous Alberta cutthroat.

In the Fly Box, we have some great tips and questions from listeners, including:

  • A terrific tip on why tying tube flies is a great way to get kids started.
  • What kind of other storage systems does Tom use around his roll-top desk?
  • Where can I learn more about fly fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass?
  • What do you suggest for preventing cutoffs by chain pickerel?
  • Can I use sitka or axis deer, antelope, or goat hair for fly tying?
  • A great tip on replacing wing cases on smaller nymphs with a drop of UV cure resin.
  • Should I use my leader straightener?
  • Can I do longline French/Spanish nymphing with a two-handed rod?
  • How can I locate pinhole leaks in my waders?
  • How do older series of rods compare to the modern ones?  What is better about the more recent models?
  • I know your higher-end rods are made in Vermont, but where do the components come from?
  • Why do Americans shoot and kill birds?
  • What is a good two-line rotation for streamer fishing in Michigan?
  • I kept my fiberglass rod in a hot car, and now I notice it has a kink in it. Could the hot car have been the reason?

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