Podcast: The Tailwaters of Missouri, with Carolyn Parker

Interview starts at 51:39.

This week, my guest is Carolyn Parker of River Run Outfitters in Branson, Missouri. Carolyn is a 20-year veteran of guiding tailwaters and a recipient of the Orvis Endorsed Program’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Her specialty is fishing tailwaters, and you’ll learn a lot about how to deal with fluctuating water levels and how to fish a river that has mostly midges and crustaceans instead of mayflies and caddisflies.  

In the Fly Box, we have lots of questions and some long-winded answers, including:

  • Why don’t more people use furled leaders?
  • When you say “don’t land your fly line on the fish,” does that include your leader and tippet?
  • Why do you recommend fishing worm patterns in high, dirty water?
  • How can I land striped bass in the surf?
  • For two-fly rigs under indicators, do most guides prefer the second fly “in-line” or on a separate tag?
  • How do you rank various considerations when picking a fly?
  • When you are on new water and don’t know what bugs are around, how do you pick a fly?
  • Is a 9-foot 7-weight a good rig for fishing bass and streamers for trout?
  • Why do some rods like the Superfines have cork reel seat inserts?
  • Why does my leader kink when I use the Dorsey indicator method?
  • What would you do if rain started and the trout stopped feeding?
  • What rod should I pick to start fly fishing in smaller streams in West Virginia?
  • If I want to upgrade my rod collection to some higher-end models, how should I prioritize my choices?
  • Are centipedes a threat to fly-tying materials?
  • A suggestion for removing epoxy from the eyes of flies with micro drill bits (with a caution from Tom).
  • Suggestions for fishing for striped bass on the rocky shoreline in Rhode Island.
  • Why does my dropper connection always break instead of my tippet-to-fly connection?
  • Why can’t I catch any trout?

One thought on “Podcast: The Tailwaters of Missouri, with Carolyn Parker”

  1. Excellent interview with Carolyn Parker.
    Will have a great day on the river as a guide with her team.
    Chlorine Bunch

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