Podcast: The Ultimate Tippet Podcast, with Josh Jenkins

Note: Interview segment begins at 43:02

I get regular and frequent questions about the differences between nylon and fluorocarbon tippet—when and where to use them, appropriate knots, special properties, and shelf life. I used to be involved in the development process of tippet and have visit many places where tippet is made, but that was years ago and a lot of progress has been made since my time in product development. So I invited Josh Jenkins, R&D manager at Scientific Anglers, to talk about recent innovations in tippet material. Josh is intimately involved in the development and testing of tippet for both Orvis and Scientific Anglers, and his knowledge is far greater that mine.  I think you’ll learn some surprising tips on both tippet material construction and knots because I learned a lot in speaking with Josh.

The Fly Box this week is a little different. It was recorded live at The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, New Jersey. Rather than telling you what kinds of questions were asked (none of which were prompted or ones I had heard beforehand), I’ll let you discover these on your own.  You never know what might happen in New Jersey . . . .

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Josh Jenkins with a nice muskie.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Ultimate Tippet Podcast, with Josh Jenkins”

  1. I’m no engineer, but I always enjoy episodes like this that include the principles and trade-offs of design.

    So: why are tippet spools from the major brands always narrower than the tip of an adult’s finger?

    It’s a nuisance to have to take hemostats and dig around to trap the free end of the tippet when the clips/springs/bands or other holder-doodads disappear from the spool. It’s even worse in rain or snow, when the tippet has stuck to itself.

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