Podcast: The Weather and its Impact on Fly Fishing, with Meteorologist Reynolds Wolf

This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing world renowned meteorologist and correspondent Reynolds Wolf of The Weather Channel. (You may remember his wonderful video about his father and fly fishing.) Reynolds and I rambled all over the place, so apologies in advance for going off-topic. I intended to get some scientific background on how weather affects fly fishing, but it turns out those guys have about the same theories we do about things like fronts and barometric pressure. Reynolds and I got sidetracked, and he ended up asking me more questions than I asked him. . .so I got sandbagged. We also ventured into the topic of climate change a bit, always a controversial topic. As always, I answer your questions in the Fly Box.

If you don’t see the “Play” button above, click here to listen.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: The Weather and its Impact on Fly Fishing, with Meteorologist Reynolds Wolf”

  1. Tom-

    There’s nothing controversial about asserting what the vast, vast majority of scientists worldwide agree on. Climate change is real. We have a hand in it. Politically, anglers need to band together and encourage our senators and representatives to push through conservation legislation, strengthen the Clean Water Act, reduce emissions, fund the EPA’s ability to go after violators, etc, etc.

    That said, it was a pretty rambling podcast 😉

  2. Wow, two casts quick! Great, I thought you had fallen in. As far as the unanswered weather questions: sometimes no answer is the answer. Deep huh?
    Anyway, loved both and the Casting podcast. He had good questions and his enthusiasm was great. Staying on topic is overrated.
    Also, the fly box question about line cleaning was freaky. I was just thinking about cleaning my line, as well as, my kids and their “better halves” minutes before listening.
    Thanks again, and keep the casts coming for us who work to much and fish to little.
    Mike in West Virginia

  3. Outstanding podcast. Best so far this year. Minimum weather discussion which is okay. What I enjoyed is the sharing of experiences and the candor you both shared about fly fishing. Keep up the great programs!

  4. Since you pre-apologized for the podcast nothing to add, I did enjoy a few of the questions you were asked. I have been a fan of the pod-casts since the beginning, this is the second time you seemed surprised by the lack of information received from your guest (the other time was your podcast with the young woman on the differences between east and west coast fishing, she said there really were none). Maybe a bit of screening before setting up the phone call? Thank you for your efforts, I continue to look forward to the pod-casts.

  5. This is one of my favorites from recent memory as well. I could listen to more knowledgeable people shoot the shi…err breeze about fly-fishing all day. Personally I prefer the less-structured, less-list driven podcasts. I think I have previously suggested having a couple of the office folk (Kutzer, Monahan, Combs, whoever) on the podcast just talking about whatever comes up, a round-table if you will, and I’m still hopeful you’ll do it at some point.

    One question I have related to weather is do storms stop trout, especially cutthroat, from surface feeding? I’m not talking about storms that bring up and muddy water levels, just a quick moving mountain storm. In my experience I have waited out short-lived storms and the fishing was horrible for a couple hours afterwards. Other times the fishing was great even during the storms. Any thoughts?

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